Would You Rather Text Than Talk? Essential Tips For Business Texting

You use your iPhone or Android for everything else. Your spouse even texts you to grab some milk at the store or to tell you they’ll be gone when you get home. It’s quick, easy and gets the job done. Why not in business too?

If you’re going to text for business purposes, follow these 7 texting tips to keep it professional:

Consider if your message is urgent.

Is It Legal for Employers to Monitor Your Computer?


Courts have ruled that an employer’s monitoring of its employees’ e-mails and other computer related activities during work hours and/or on company-owned equipment, Internet, and e-mail accounts is not illegal.

Companies typically monitor employees’ online usage for the following reasons:

To avoid claims based on sexual, racial, ethnic, and other forms of harassment.

The 3 Scariest Threats To Small Business Networks

While spam, pop-ups, and hackers are a real threat to any small business network, there are 3 security measures that you should be focusing on FIRST before you do anything else...

Worry About E-mail Attachments, Not Spam

Sure, spam is annoying and wastes your time, but the REAL danger with spam is in the attachments.

Tech Tip Tuesday: Computer Equipment Recycling

A common concern we hear when we take computer equipment for recycling is – will anyone be able to get to my data once my equipment is gone?  If you don’t take the appropriate measures before the hardware is disposed of, the answer is very likely yes.

Tech Tip: “What Should I Be Doing For Backup?”

We – very – often get asked, “what should I be doing for backup?”  That’s kind of a loaded question, because there are multiple different kinds of backups for multiple different kinds of systems at multiple price points with multiple degrees of efficacy.


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Tech Tip: Outlook

Recently, we’ve been running into several computers that are having trouble with the search functionality of Outlook.  In most of these cases, the fix is quick and easy – you just have to rebuild the Windows index file. 

To do that:

Open the Control Panel, and go Indexing Options.

Top 5 Reasons To Be Thankful For Technology

When you’re making a list of things to be thankful for, computers and technology usually don’t make the list; as a matter of fact, they often get put on the “hate” list of things that frustrate us!

However, I think it’s time someone gave credit where credit is due! Here are the top 5 reasons why we should be thankful for all the new (and constantly evolving) technology we have available to us:

1.)  It allows us all to be more “earth-friendly.