How to Deal With “Shadow IT”

Shadow IT (unauthorized IT systems) can be incredibly frustrating to IT managers and other executives. It can be equally frustrating to employees. Generally speaking, people look for better ways to do their job. Humans are wired to be efficient. So when we go out of our way to research a better solution, find that solution, implement it, and even have success with it, it is frustrating to say the least when IT walks in and rips it out from under us.

Hire Slow, Fire Fast

I don’t remember where I first heard that expression. Some people swear by it. Some are offended. Here’s my quick two cents.

Unchecked, my tendency is to do the exact opposite. When I hire, it’s because I need someone. There is a job not getting done, and that’s a problem I can’t live with.

Master Computing: Security Evangelists

I’ve got to get this off my chest: I’m sick and tired of watching organizations get hacked and making the 5:00 news when it was 100% preventable.

Now, I’m not saying that security measures can ever prevent 100% of breaches. But I am saying that MOST breaches are 100% preventable.

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable.

"Get comfortable being uncomfortable!” I don’t know many people who could speak more authoritatively on this subject thanMike Rowe.  I had the privilege of meeting Mike this month (May 5th to be exact), and this line was my takeaway.  I doubt I need to introduce you to the host of Dirty Jobs and the narrator of Deadliest Catch, but  Mike Rowe is a guy who isn’t afraid to get uncomfortable.

Complacency Will Kill You (Right Delta Airlines?)

I’ve been heavily involved in technology nearly all of my life.  As a child, it was a hobby I was passionate about.  As an adult, I found a way to turn that passion into a career.  But I have a second love: aviation.  I LOVE airplanes.  I flew gas-powered radio controlled airplanes that I built myself starting at 12 years old.

Of Marketing and Touching Appropriately

When I started Master Computing back in November of 1997, things were much simpler. For example, we were truly just a computer repair shop. Something broke, you called us, we fixed it. That was long before the days of managed services where the focus shifted from reactive computer repairs to preventive maintenance.

Cybersecurity, Simplified

I firmly believe that cybercrime is the #1 biggest threat to business. As I say that, I can hear protests about how hard it is to find, hire, and retain good people; how critical it is to maintain proper cash flow; the challenge of gaining market share, etc.

FBI Says Pay Up For Ransomware. We Say BACKUP!

Cybercrime is morbidly fascinating to me. Don't get me wrong, these guys are thugs and I have dedicated my professional life to squashing them like the cockroaches that they are. But I am fascinated by the fact that they run "real" businesses. They spend a ton of money on R&D. They fight fierce competition for market share.