10 Easy Ways To Eliminate E-mail Overload


E-mail driving you crazy? Every time you delete one, do five more show up? Are you finding it impossible to answer every e-mail you receive? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re not alone!

Some people are even declaring e-mail bankruptcy — they dump every e-mail in their inbox and start over.

How To Quickly Achieve An Organized, Neat, And Clutter-Free Office

Are you swimming in a morass of paper contracts, forms, and other documents that you can't throw away? Would you like a much faster and easier way to locate important documents in your office that doesn't require sifting, sorting and digging through piles and piles of folders? Are you concerned about losing or misplacing important document originals? If so, you should consider going paperless.

Tech Tip Tuesday: Windows 7 and 8 Won’t Run Windows Update? Try this!

We’ve been seeing a lot of issues with Windows 7 and 8 computers lately that flat won’t run Windows Update.  If you try, one of two things happen:

After about four hours, Windows Update times out and returns an error.
After about an hour or two, Windows Update says it’s up to date, even though it is a known fact that the computer has updates to install.

Cybersecurity Tip: Use STRONG passwords!

 Use STRONG passwords!

Thanks to powerful brute-force-attack software readily available online, hackers can try tens of millions of possible password combinations per second. For example, hacking software can guess a five character password in under three hours.

Tech Tip Tuesday: Team Viewer


I’m sure that some of you reading these tech tips are the “go-to” person for tech support among family and friends.  I’m also sure that, among those family and friends, you have one that’s difficult to deal with when you’re trying to solve a problem – either because they really don’t understand technology, or simply because they get frustrated or mad that they can’t get the issue resolved faster.

Don’t let a tiny leak sink your ship!

Before one tiny leak that could easily be prevented take down your entire business; let’s take a look at four fatal errors you MUST avoid, to make sure it never does:

Have you developed a false sense of security?

Please, please, please do NOT think you are immune to a cyber-attack simply because you are not a big company.

Tech Tip Tuesday: Task Killers for Android

Task killers for Android are all the rage – they’re programs that claim to improve the performance of your smartphone by automatically killing processes that are determined to be using up too much of your system’s resources.

However, we highly recommend that you not use task killers on your Android phones.